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The Books page lists the books and magazines published by the World Harrier Organization through our parent company Global Publications for harriers. Most require WHO membership, so you need to log in or go to Members and sign up if not a member. The magazines and some book chapters may require premium membership, the details of which are found in the right column.

Global Trash Magazine - Official magazine of the World Harrier Organization first published in September 1993.

InterHASHional News - Oldest newsletter/magazine distributed worldwide for the Hash House Harriers.

World Harrier Organization: The Definitive Hounds and Hares Reference

Hash Bible: A Complete Reference for the Hash House Harriers, 2011 Edition

Hash House Harriers, 2011 Edition

Hash Hymnal, 2011 Edition

Hash House Harrier Trail Manual, 2011 Edition

Religious Advisor, 2011 Edition

Hash Trash, 2011 Edition

Hash Roster World HHH Directory

Alabama Slim: It All Started in Korea

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